What is a “perfect” bond and what has been used in the past to create one? A perfect bond is when all the pore spaces, micro-fractures, fractures and joints have been plugged. This allows the concrete to eliminate the possibility of a water-wet surface and a strong bond can exist between the adhesive, concrete and flooring product. However, this has been proven to be a lot harder than it seems. Plastic vapor barriers and epoxy coatings have been used in the past but have not always been successful. Issues such as leakage and condensation can occur when applying these adhesives. So how can we eliminate this issue that has plagued the construction industry? The simple answer is The CONCURE Group Admixture. This admixture allows for all of the pore spaces to be filled with calcium silicate hydrate, therefore creating an impermeable barrier that eliminates opportunity for capillary process. Therefore, the only issue left is the integrity of seals at joints and other structural intersections, which is large enough to be detected by the human eye and can be treated with standard concrete repair methods. This product simplifies the bonding process, if applied correctly, and can lead to less future structural issues.