Why should you add The CONCURE Group’s Admixture to your concrete? There are many benefits that the admixture has to offer. Firstly, it increases concrete strength, which is very important for long-term structural stability. Secondly, it allows for the concrete to cure faster. Most of the time it can take up to 90 days to allow for concrete to fully dry, however with this admixture it can cut down your time to a maximum of only 30 days. This can expedite your project, which would save you both time and money. Thirdly, the admixture causes less shrinkage to occur to the concrete. When concrete cures it shrinks, and this could cause shrinkage cracks to form. However, with The CONCURE Group’s Admixture it can reduce the amount of shrinkage, which leads to less future cracks from forming during the drying process. Lastly, the product is compatible with most floor coverings, coatings, and adhesives. Overall, The CONCURE Group’s Admixture is a perfect addition to your concrete.